14 Photos of Nintendo Switch Lite (Unboxing)

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14 Photos of Nintendo Switch Lite (Unboxing)

Here are some unboxing photos of Nintendo Switch Lite I ordered. Hope it helps you decide whether to get it!

Size of the Nintendo Switch Lite

Here’s a quick view on the size of the console (sunglasses for scale).

In numbers, its size is approximately:

  • 3.6 inches (≈ 9.14 cm) in width,
  • 8.2 inches (≈ 20.83 cm) in length,
  • 0.55 inches (≈ 1.4 cm) in height.

The Console

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a matte finish and pretty soft to the touch. The grip feels quite comfortable, and reminds me of a PSP (although I’ve never actually owned one).

I ordered mine from Amazon, and I received it pretty much within one business day. You can check out the product pages of the Nintendo Switch Lite here:

Available Nintendo Switch Lite Colors

I ordered the console in gray as I find it having the sleekest appearance, but rest assured that’s not the only colour you can get!

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