Just Released! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs The Reverend

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Just Released! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs The Reverend

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs The Reverend is now out on Netflix! One thing I realized is that if you end up making a fatally wrong choice, you’ll get rewinded to make another, so don’t get too hung up on obsessing over your choices and have fun!

But think twice about rewinding! I was watching the movie on my Macbook, and instead of the typical Netflix playback bar near the bottom of the screen you can usually use to rewind, there are just checkpoints of the options you have made. I was around my 6th Checkpoint when I tried rewinding to the start of the episode, but it brought me to the 1st Checkpoint instead. I could fast-forward in increments of 10 seconds, but now I have to go through and make my selections from Checkpoints 2 to 5 again to get back to where I was.

WARNING: Potential spoiler ahead
If you haven’t watched the show, you better run Lillian!

The show opens with Yuko taking you through a short tutorial on how to play along using the interactive choose-your-own-adventure feature. She also made a comment where if you fail to choose within the given time, she will make the selection for you. “Robots making decisions for humans,”—who else is better suited to say that than the mighty Yuko? Whatever happened to C.H.E.R.Y./L. anyways?

Oh, and I tried skipping the intro at first, only to get a Nuh-Uh-Uh! If you try skipping the intro, you’ll get a long version. Still catchy though!

Here are the options I have made so far:

1. Wedding Dress Fitting

Fancy / Fun

2. Jacqueline Pressures Titus

Go to the gym / Lie down and take a nap

3. Kimmy and Frederick

Read book / Plan wedding / Make out
At first, I chose for Kimmy and Frederick to make out, only for the story to end there. Jan the backpack commanded the rewind and I chose for them to plan for their wedding after.

4. Whom to Phone?

Cyndee / Donna Maria / Gretchen
Before watching the show, I was curious as to what happened to Gretchen because she wasn’t in the official trailer. So I chose for Kimmy to phone Gretchen, only to find out that she’s now escalating (or de-escalating?) into a… bank robber.

Update 1

Apparently, some Redditors mentioned that if you call Gretchen, and then Donna Maria, and then select Option 3, you’ll uncover an Easter Egg!

5. Going to Indiana

Take Jacqueline / Take Titus
I don’t want to give too much spoiler here, but if you make Kimmy take Jacqueline to Indiana, more than two characters are going to die. Mlepnos was funny. Wait, what, who?

6. The Reverend in Jail

Get down to beeswax / Be sociable

7. Bachelorette Party

Cyndee sings / Lillian sings

8. Going to Frackwater

Wait for Mamadou / Walk to Town
I first chose for Titus and Kimmy to wait for Mamadou, and like in the trailer, they both skeletonized. I got rewinded to the same option, and technically if I chose for them to wait for Mamadou again, I’d get stuck in a loop! So walk to town it is.

Update 2

Some Redditors mentioned if you make Titus and Kimmy wait for Mamadou twice, something… will happen, though I’m gonna have to restart the movie to find out what it is.

9. Titus Is Upset About

The script / The wardrobe
Poor Jacqueline.

10. Free Bird

He knows it / He thinks he knows
Yes Titus, give it to them!

11. The Reverend Escapes

Sneaky plan / Karate

12. Wedding Rehearsal

Go with Lillian / Go with Fiona

13. The Writer

Snap / Go to happy place

14. Gas Station

Babysit / Follow the reverend

Okay, so somehow my choices so far lead to the reverend taking all the mole women to Florida, where “everything is legal”. Cue rewind to the gas station.

15. Back to the Gas Station

Read to the baby / “Read” the baby
I chose “Read” the baby at first, yadda yadda yadda, and then another rewind happened. Kimmy needs to read the book to uncover a clue from the mole women!

16. Titus in the Woods

Follow Kimmy / Woodland Banquet

17. Confront the Reverend

Shoot him / Stomp him / Spare him / ‘Splode him
I tried out a few options for this checkpoint. If Kimmy shot the reverend, Frederick will end up with Lillian. If Kimmy stomped the reverend, Frederick will end up with Xan.

In this version of the ending I had, Kimmy and Frederick got married, but I got an A– from Lillian because the ending could have gone better for Titus and Jacqueline. I made Titus eat the “Woodland Banquet” in Checkpoint 16 and he didn’t end up on set, and Jacqueline ended up undoing the #MeToo movement.

So I rewinded to Checkpoint 16 and made Titus attempt to follow Kimmy, and he ended up on set somehow. I thought the set was going to be in New York! But whatever the case, after making this choice and sparing the reverend, which led to the discovery of the remaining mole women, I got the “YOU WIN” Breakfast Club ending.

Well, I might just restart everything and play around with it again!


Throughout the show, there are quite a number of references to the series. Many has slipped my mind, so I’ll update this list again when I restart the show.

  • Xan kind of mentioned that Kimmy’s and Frederick’s wedding rehearsal is in Ohio. Yes, Middletown, Ohio, the city Kimmy claims she was from in Season 1 when she was talking to Xan and Charles.

  • If this is true, then Kimmy and Titus have paraded around 4 states in the storyline in 3 days, from New York to Indiana to West Virginia to Ohio. Not sure if there was anything about Pennsylvania though.

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