“Just Go On” Lyrics & Kimmy Schmidt Review: S2E5, “Kimmy Gives Up!”

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“Just Go On” Lyrics & Kimmy Schmidt Review: S2E5, “Kimmy Gives Up!”

Season 2 Episode 5, “Kimmy Gives Up!”, is the most musical episode out of the entire Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series. In this episode, Titus segued into singing at least seven times.

WARNING: Potential spoiler ahead —
If you haven’t watched the show, you better run Lillian!

Scroll down for the lyrics of “Just Go On”!

This is also one of the rarer episodes where each of the main character gets a somewhat equal, meaningful plot moves by having to face some kind of problems in the beginning of the episode but end up resolving them at the end.

  • Kimmy attempted to get over Dong and ends up helping him and Sonja
  • Titus was happy, then afraid of being happy, and then realized he doesn’t have to be afraid
  • Lillian got her subway, and was basically on a roll handing out advices again and again to Kimmy and Titus
  • Jacqueline found a way to genuinely connect with Buckley despite having never really done so in the past

At the end of this episode, all of these four characters were shown to have resolved their problems and the song placement worked as an icing on top. The song sends the message that no one knows what is going to eventually happen, and sometimes, the best way to go is to just go on. It is neither a pessimistic nor an optimistic outlook on life, but just… realistic.

Lillian presented this message very well too in the advice he gave Titus, “Maybe you’ll marry Mikey, maybe you’ll break up. Maybe you’ll live together for decades, but then he’ll die first…” It was certainly appropriate that she was the one who started singing the song. She started off by monologueing, “When I was a little girl, many moons ago, my mother gave me a bit of wisdom, because wisdom was all she had.”

“Just Go On” Lyrics (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


Oh, the sun will rise in the morning or so I’m told, but who knows?
You could win a million bucks in the morning, and then get rolled, by a mob of stinking hobos
Good news…
You can’t lose when you tell Mr. Blues that you choose to keep going!


We’ll never stop!
We’ll keep on moving forward, even if we don’t know what we’re moving toward

Lillian & Titus:

They say life’s too short but they’re wrong, it’s so long…
Sometimes the only way to go is to just go on…

Keep a smile in your pocket when the wolf is rat-a-tatting at the door, just lock it tight…
Keep a dream in your heart and you’ll never ever want for more, unless you’re in a knife fight!
Chin high
Spit in the eye of the folks who can’t stop laughing at the stupid things you’ve done

Don’t ever stop, even though your heart is breaking
Don’t look over your shoulder, at the love you left behind

They say life’s too short but they’re wrong, it’s so long…
Sometimes the only way to go is to just go on…

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